Time Overview

Time is where you can log time spent working on projects/tickets. Time will always be linked to a project and will be assigned as either Chargeable or on a Support Plan.

Time can be applied from around the site some of these methods will be listed below.


Viewing Time

The time dashboard shows a list of all recorded time. Each item shows who logged the time, the length of time and the date it was logged. It will also list the contact and project related to the log.


The Description field shows the ticket number where the time was logged.


Time Filters

On the time dashboard you can filter which time items you view by a number of statuses. To do so bring down the filter menu from above the list and choose a filter.



Logging Time

You can log time from a number of different pages on Zebreco. The most obvious way is to log time directly on the time page. To do so click on Log Time.


This will bring up the Log Time dialog where you can enter the relevant information.


  • Description - short description of the time being logged.
  • Time - in hours and minutes.
  • Date - date time is being logged for.
  • Status - the status of the time being logged.
  • Contact - the contact related to this particular time.
  • User - the user responsible for the time being logged.
  • Project - the project associated with the time log.

Once you have filled in the relevant information click on the save icon in the top right.


Using this direct logging method will result in the time being independant of any ticket number.


Logging time on a ticket

To log time on a ticket will automatically assign the time to the ticket being worked on. On the ticket page navigate to the time section on the right hand side of the page.


Click on the small clock icon in the top right and you will be presented with the log time dialog as above. Fill in the necessary information and hit save. The main difference here is the time will automaticlaly be allocated to the ticket you have open.


Logging time on a project

To log time from the project page simply locate the Time tab along the top navigation of the project. The rest of the process is exactly the same as above.