The contacts section keeps track of people you have communication with in Zebreco. You can keep track of all activity and view a number of details.

Creating a Contact

To create a new contact click on New Contact.


This takes you to the New Contact page where you can input all required details.


Most of the inputs are self explanatory. There a few unique options you can set.

  • Type - This can be set to Person or Company which will change how the contact is displayed. If you select Person you will have the option to enter their associated Company, Job Title and Website. If the contact is set to a company you will only see the Website field.
  • Labels - These can be applied based on existing contact type labels created in the labels section.

Viewing a Contact

To view a contact once created, select it. This will take you to the comtact summary page.



The summary page shows a number of statistics relating to the contact.

  • Revenue - incoming funds generated from this contact.
  • Overdue - incoming funds overdue from this contact.
  • Pipeline Value - incoming funds formed from quotes related to this contact.
  • Open - number of current open tickets relating to this contact.
  • Awaiting Reply - number of tickets set to awaiting reply related to this contact.
  • Closed - number of closed tickets relating to this contact.


Contact Navigation

Along the top of the contact page is a quick navigation which will take you to customised pages which show the respective content related to the contact. These are as follows:

  • Profile
  • Tickets
  • Projects
  • Leads
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Files
  • Time

All usual functions relating to these sections can be carried out but will belinked to this contact. For example, if you createa project from this page it will be automatically linked with the contact.


Archiving Contacts

To archive a contact navigate to the contact page and on the left underneath the contact information you will find a link to Archive the chosen contact.


This will take the contact out of the current active list. They will no longer be related to any projects or tickets and will not be able to access their details from the database.