Calendar Overview

The calendar lists all upcoming and past events.

Calendar View

To view the calendar select it from the navigation bar. You can then select how you wish to view the calendar. By Month, Week or by Day.



Adding a New Event

To add a new event to your calendar click on New Event.


This will bring up the New Event wizard where you can enter the details you require.


  • Name - Name of the event.
  • From - Date & time the event will start.
  • To - Date & time the event will end.
  • All day - Set whether the event is set to run all day (ignores the times of from and to).
  • Location - Where the event will take place.
  • Assignee - The user who is assigned to this event.
  • Project - The project the event is part of.
  • Description - A short description of the event.


The colour box at the bottom of this dialog allows you to choose a colour that the event will display. This can help distinguish different types of events through categorisation.

Once you have filled in all the necessary information, click the save icon.


Calendar Filters

The calendar will show more than just events you have added. If there is a project with a start and end date it will appear on the calendar. Tasks with set dates will also appear and the same applies to tickets. In order to view these ensure the required filter is checked.


You can also filter by users. This will display projects, tickets, tasks and events only applicable to the selected users. In this case we only have one user but it is likely your organisation will have multiple users and so this could be very useful for viewing a particular users commitments.

The final filter under settings is whether to show weekends or not.