Ticket Model

Represents a ticket stored in Zebreco. These are normally used to store a number of tasks with assigned users.

Tickets can be assigned to projects and linked users have access.

Name Type Description
id integer read only The unique id of the ticket
number integer The unique number assigned to the ticket (starts at 1001 as default)
status string Can be "open", "awaiting-reply" or "closed"
subject string The subject of the ticket - required
department Department The department assigned to the ticket - required
creator Contact The contact who created the ticket - required
assignee Contact The contact assigned to the ticket
project Project The project the ticket is associated with
createddate DateTime The ISO DateTime when the ticket was created
followupdate DateTime When the ticket is to be followed up by the assigned user
lastreplydate DateTime read only The ISO DateTime of the last reply on the ticket
lastupdate DateTime read only The ISO DateTime of the last update on the ticket
timestatus Time Status The time status applied to the ticket
timeallocated integer Value of the time applied to the ticket
labels Label Labels (if any) applied to the ticket

The following fields are only retrieved on GET requests for a single entity.

Name Type Description
lead Lead The lead (if applicable) associated with the ticket
quote Quote The quote (if applicable) associated with the ticket
invoice Invoice Array of invoices associated with the ticket