Quote Model

Represents a quote entity in Zebreco. Quotes are pre-development estimated costs.

Quotes include numerical data and are linked to specific contacts.

Name Type Description
id integer read only The unique id of the quote
number integer The unique number assigned to the quote as default
status string Can be "draft", "sent", "approved", "invoiced" or "declined"
reference string Custom reference applied to the quote
contact Contact The contact assoicated with the quote - required
date DateTime The ISO DateTime applied to the quote
validuntildate DateTime The ISO DateTime the quote is valid until
subtotal decimal The subtotal of the quote
totaltax decimal The totaltax of the quote
total decimal The total of the quote
items Array Collection Array of entities making up the quote

The following fields are only retrieved on GET requests for a single entity.

Name Type Description
project Project The project the quote is affiliated with
lead Lead The lead (if applicable) the quote is associated with
invoice Invoice read only Invoices associated with the quote