Lead Model

Represents a lead within Zebreco. Leads are used by sales for recording potential clients.

Leads are linked to projects.

Name Type Description
id integer read only The unique id of the lead
contact Contact The contact related to the lead - required
assignee Contact The contact assigned to the lead - required
department Department The department linked ot the lead - required
status string The status of the lead
name string The name of the lead - required
description string Short description of the lead
reference string The reference given to the lead
createddate DateTime read only The ISO DateTime of the creation of the lead
closedate DateTime read only The ISO DateTIme the lead was set to closed
value decimal The value of the lead (if applicable)
project Project read only The project related to the lead
leadsource Lead Source The source of the lead
leadlostreason Lead Lost Reason The reason the lead was lost (if applicable)
labels Label Array of labels applied to the lead
customfieldvalues Custom Field read only Array of custom field values (if any) applied to the lead

The following fields are only retrieved on GET requests for a single entity.

Name Type Description
creator Contact read only The contact who created the lead