Invoice Model

Represents an invoice within Zebreco. Invoices are generated manually or with existing product entities.

Invoices are linked to a project and relevant contact.

Name Type Description
id integer read only The unique id of the invoice
number integer The number assigned to the invoice
type string The type of the invoice
status string The status assigned to the invoice
reference string The reference assigned to the invoice
contact Contact The contact related to the invoice - required
project Project The project the invoice belongs to
date DateTime The ISO DateTime given to the invoice
duedate DateTime The ISO DateTime of the due date of the invoice
subtotal decimal The subtotal of the invoice
totaltax decimal The total tax figure on the invoice
total decimal The total of the invoice
due decimal read only The total due on the invoice
paiddate DateTime The ISO DateTime the invoice was paid
sent boolean Whether or not the invoice has been sent
items Array of items on the invoice

The following fields are only retrieved on GET requests for a single entity.

Name Type Description
payments Array of payments against the invoice