Contact Model

Represents a contact entity within Zebreco. Contacts are used for communication such as email and can be assigned to a number of things such as projects and tickets.

Name Type Description
id integer read only The unique id of the Contact
name string The name of the Contact - required
email string The email of the Contact
position string The position assigned to the Contact
type string The Contact type
street string The street of the Contact
area string The area of the Contact
city string The city of the Contact
county string The county of the Contact
postcode string The postcode of the Contact
country string The country of the Contact
telephone string The telephone of the Contact
mobile string The mobile of the Contact
website string The website of the Contact
lastcontacted DateTime read only The ISO DateTime the Contact was last contacted
createddate DateTime read only The ISO DateTime the Contact was created
lastlogin DateTime read only The ISO Date TIme the Contact last logged in
contactroles Contact Role Contact Roles assigned to the Contact
company Contact The company related to the Contact
archived boolean Whether or not the Contact has been archived
customfieldvalues Custom Field Custom field values assigned to the Contact
labels Label Labels assigned to the Contact
avatar string read only The avatar assigned to the Contact

The following fields are only retrieved on GET requests for a single entity.

Name Type Description
signature text The signature of the Contact
signatureimage File The image of the Contact signature
disablenotifications boolean Whether or not the Contact has disabled notifications
receiveemail boolean Whether or not the Contact is set to receive emails
passthroughemail string Whether or not the Contact has pass through on email
taskcount integer read only Task count related to the Contact